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What is Studybids?

Studybids is a smarter way to college. As the first student-to-student learning platform, we aim to enhance the college experience by placing college students first in all our decisions. We support students during their college journey with tools designed to help them pass their class and make money. Our platform and services are available online, anytime and anywhere, so we can help college students when they need it most. There has never been a service that alleviates the stress for college students across the nation both educationally and financially – until now.

What are its features?

Studybids is bridging the gap between learning and earning for college students. By utilizing technology to employ principles of availability, convenience, and relevance, Studybids offers an on-demand platform for authentic, affordable, and personalized academic assistance. Studybids is a platform that lets college students help other college students master challenging concepts and make money on their own.

How does it work?

Simply make an account and either post a tutoring assignment or help a college student with tutoring. All tutoring assignments that are completed through Studybids should be used for study purposes only. Students have the ability to set their own price to have tutoring assignments completed while others have the benefit of choosing to do these tutoring assignments for payment.

Why choose Studybids?

All users are college students, and we intend to keep it that way. We offer a secure and easy payment system. All payments made in our system are put on hold until the tutoring assignment requested is accepted by the students as complete. We’re all about transparent authenticity and utilize an advanced A.I. enhanced plagiarism checker to ensure it. We provide students with a full authenticity report that includes citations.

You can trust us.

Studybids strives to provide site users with a safe and secure experience. We respect your privacy and have implemented industry-standard best practices to help keep your personal information safe whenever you use our service. Our platform includes HTTPS encryption, antivirus, firewall and patch-management technologies to help protect our system.

We’re here for you.

Our services are available online, anytime and anywhere, so we can reach students when they need us most. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can contact our Customer Service Team and they’d be happy to assist you. Make sure you check our frequently asked questions section below for additional assistance.

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The Studybids App is coming soon!

Look out for the studybids app. Having the studybids mobile app will make it easy to view assignments you have posted or find one to complete on the go. The experience just keeps getting better!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I guaranteed a certain quality of tutoring when using Studybids?
    • Although our rating system differentiates those who have received positive reviews in the past from those who did not meet certain expectations, please be aware that we never guarantee any quality of tutoring through the use of Studybids. However, keep in mind that we block users who receive below a 3-star rating more than three times.
  • What is the minimum price that I can offer someone to do a tutoring assignment?
    • The minimum price you can set for an assignment is $20.
  • How do I find someone to do my tutoring assignment?
    • The college students will come to you. Once your tutoring assignment is posted it becomes available to all college students looking for work in that specific subject or category. They are then able to accept the tutoring request and begin working on it to help you by your provided deadline.
  • Can I view all of my previous account activity?
    • Yes. All users have the ability to view past tutoring assignments they have completed and past tutoring assignments they have had completed for them.
  • How long does it take to have a tutoring assignment completed for me?
    • You set the deadline. In the event that your tutoring assignment is not chosen by another user to complete, your payment will be voided, and you will not be charged. If for some reason a user chooses to complete the tutoring assignment but does not complete it by the deadline, you will receive a full refund as well. Because of this, we recommend that you leave an ample amount of time before your tutoring assignment is actually due in order to be safe.
  • How do I know that all users who use Studybids are really college students?
    • Our team of student verification specialists use the IoT and advanced algorithms to verify student enrollment upon signing up.
  • Are there any fees when using Studybids?
    • No. We have always had the vision of everyone being their own boss; the possibility of choosing when you want to work or when you would like college homework help at your own convenience. In order to accomplish this, we believed in making the service and app FREE for all users. With that being said, we take a 15% cut of all profits made through the website and the app, and the rest is yours. No tricks. No hidden fees. Plain and simple.
  • Does my payment for posting a tutoring assignment to be completed go directly to the student who will complete it?
    • We hold all payments made in our system until the tutoring assignment that is requested for completion is accepted by the students as complete. The release of funds depends on the recipient’s decision to accept or deny the tutoring as complete.
  • If I want to post a tutoring assignment to be completed, how do I receive the tutoring for college homework?
    • It all starts with another student viewing your post and choosing to complete the tutoring assignment. Once this occurs, that student will complete the tutoring request and upload it through Studybids by the provided deadline. If the homework help requested is an essay, the recipient will receive a preview of the completed tutoring along with an authenticity report including citations. The recipient is given the option to accept or deny it based on the information provided.